Scripting Blurts

Blurts 2.0 introduces scripting support via an exposed document object model for each alert type. By writing your own JScript or VBScript, you can dynamically change the look and behavior for each alert based in the contect of the alert. For example you can change the alert background color red when receiving an email from a certain address, or change the sound that is played. You could even choose to not display the alert. You can also call methods to invoke actions on your BlackBerry, such as place a call, or send an SMS. The possibility are endless. Here is a sample of the methods and properties exposed by the Blurts DOM.

Three objects are exposed from the Blurts scripting engine: AlertWindow, BlackBerry, and Alert. AlertWindow object provides access to system level data and functions. BlackBerry object provides functions to interact with the BlackBerry phone. Alert object exposes properties to control the look and behavior of the incoming alert.


Property/Method Description
DataPath Get the full path to Blurts data folder
AppPath Get the full path to Blurts app folder
Clipboard Get/Set windows clipboard text
Sleep(int) Suspends the current thread for specified milliseconds.


Method Description
PressKey( String key )
PressKeyEx( String key int status )
WriteClipboard( String text )
DialPhone( String phoneNumber )
SendSMS( String address, String text )


Property Description
All Alert Types
Opacity The level of opacity for the alert to display (0 - 100). Default is 100.
DisplayAlert True to display alert, False to not display. Default is True.
DisplayInterval Number of milliseconds to display alert. Default to 'Alert Display Time' in options. Default #718AF4.
BackgroundColor Bottom color for background fade.
BackgroundColorTop Top color for background fade. Set same as BackgroundColor for solid background color. Default #E1E7FD.
DisplayIcon True to display blurts icon on alert, False to not display. Default is True.
Priority Not used
PlaySound True to play sound, False to not play sound. Default is True.
SoundFile Full path to sound file. Default to 'Play Sound' in options.
BatteryLevel Current battery strength as a percentage between 0 - 100. Read Only.
SignalLevel Current signal strength, typically between -121 dBm and -40 dBm. Read Only.
ImageFile Full path to contact image for this alert. No default value
XML XML for this alert. Read Only.
HTML HTML for this alert. Read Only.
Call Alert
Action Type of call alert: Incoming, Answered, Disconnected, Initiated, Connected, Waiting
PhoneNumber Phone number of caller
CallerName Display name of caller
Email Alert
SenderName Senders display name.
SenderAddress Senders email address.
ReceivingAccount Email that received the email.
Subject Email subject text.
BodyText Email body text.
SMS Alert
SenderName Senders display name.
SenderAddress Senders SMS address.
ReceivingAccount Email that received the email.
BodyText Message text.
DisplaySMSChat True to display SMS chat window. Default is false.
BluetoothName Bluetooth name of BlackBerry.
DevicePIN BlackBerry PIN.
DeviceModel BlackBerry Model
Connect, Status, Clipboard, and Lock Alert
Text Message text

Type of Alerts

Alert Function Description
Connect OnConnectAlert() Occurs when Bluetooth is connected.
Disconnect OnDisconnectAlert() Occurs when Bluetooth is disconnected.
Status OnStatusAlert() Occurs when any status text is sent from BlackBerry, such as 'Sent Test Msg', status message when screen capture is started, or error message. Use BlackBerry.Alert.Text property to access status message.
Call OnCallAlert() Occurs when call status changes: Incoming, Answered, Disconnected, Initiated, Connected, Call Waiting. Use BlackBerry.Alert.Action property to detect call status.
Email OnEmailAlert() Occurs when a email is received.
SMS OnSMSAlert() Occurs when a text message (SMS) is received.
Clipboard OnClipBoardAlert() Occurs when BlackBerry clipboard text is sent to computer. Use BlackBerry.Alert.Text property to access clipcoard text.
Screen Capture OnScreenCaptureAlert() Occurs when BlackBerry screen cpature is sent to computer. Use BlackBerry.Alert.ImageFile get image file name.
Level OnLevelAlert() Occurs when BlackBerry signal strength or battery strength changes enough for the need to update UI. Use BlackBerry.Alert.BatteryLevel and BlackBerry.Alert.SignalLevel to access level data. Note that BatteryLevel and SignalLevel status is sent with every alert type.
Lock OnLockAlert() Occers when workstation is locked either by disconnect for press 'L' on BlackBerry.
Contact OnContactAlert() Occers for each contact that is download during 'Contacts download'. Use BlackBerry.Alert.XML to get contact data
Macro OnMacro() Occers when 'Run Macro' menu option is selected

Click here are a sample JScript file for Blurts.

Click here are a sample VBScript file for Blurts.

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